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09 November 2017

Last week ​schools in Cambodia ​officially ​opened their doors for the ​start of the 2017/18 academic​ year​. However, this first and busy day of school was succeeded by a 3-day celebration of one of the most important festivals in the Cambodian calendar: The Water Festival.

In Khmer, this annual festival is called Bonn Om Toeuk and marks the end of the monsoon season as well as the beginning of the fishing season. For the 80% of Cambodians living outside the capital of Phnom Penh, this is perhaps the only time in the year ​they will travel to the capital where the festivities are held. ​I have attached a few pictures but for our communities most will never leave the confines of the village although education is slowly changing that, providing new opportunities and reducing the fear of the unknown. ​

​With lessons officially​ started at Pea ​our teachers​ have been putting into practise the new child-centric learning and resource-based techniques that our Education Officers taught them over the holidays. This year is also particularly exciting as ​your​ school ha​s received a brand new box of Lego courtesy of our partnership with​ the​ Lego Foundation. ​This is not just a toy and it should also provide amazing learning opportunities for all the children in your village. ​

Our team fitted new windows recently at the school over the summer break.

United World Schools are delighted to partner with Nature's Table to provide an education for children living in a remote community in Northern Cambodia. Specifically all donations will go to the community at Pea village in rural Ratanakiri. The UWS School there is providing the only opportunity for the children of the village to learn how to read, write and count. We would not be able to provide this education without the help and support of Nature's Table. 




Posted: 09/11/2017 12:37:22 by Michelle Smith

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