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02 May 2013

United World Schools: Partnership with Oasis Trading & Natures Table, April 2013

United World Schools (UWS) is dedicated to improving educational opportunity and enhancing quality of life for young people living in the world's poorest regions. UWS are working in partnership with Oasis Trading and Natures Table to deliver school improvement projects and improve educational provision worldwide.


Project Details Project and Description

Impact on Educational Provision



Installation of 2 solar panels, batteries and lighting in two of the 14 UWS Cambodia schools (Suggested: Tiem Krom and Takok Charai schools in Ratanakiri, due to community need, engagement and demand from students; TBC by 30th May 2013).

Enables evening classes for older students (9+ yrs)/adults, and teacher preparation/professional development.

Impact and outcome: 100 more young people (focusing on 9+ yrs) and adults (per school) have access to education.

Natures Table/Oasis Trading will financially sponsor the project.

UWS will deliver and manage the installation, community liaison and teacher training. Regular site visits and inspections of units. Assessment and reporting of impact to donors and trustees.


This is UWS Chai Thom School, one of the 14 UWS schools. Adding basic, locally sourced solar panels to the roof (left hand image), which will charge a basic battery connected to a strip lighting system inside the classrooms (right hand image), will enable 100+ more people per school to access education during evening classes.


Posted: 02/05/2013 09:44:30 by Matthew Ross

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