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Update on UWS Pea School

19 March 2018

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Over 130 students attend UWS Pea School every day



Update on UWS Pea School

With the new term kicking off at UWS Pea School, we've seen some great big changes from the teaching team. Electronic circuit lessons were taught for the very first time, LEGO bricks began to feature in every subject from Maths to Art, and some of the parents even spent a weekend making 'goals' for a brand new football pitch. Amazing!


Students construct an electrical circuit to turn on a light bulb



This is the first time electricity has ever been taught in a UWS School




A Letter from Cambodia

This month our Associate Director of Partnerships, Anna Tvrz, visited our projects in Cambodia for the very first time. Here is her report:

"The difference a school makes to a community is staggering. Without education, children have nowhere to go, nothing to do and not even a decent road so they can access the world beyond. They have few prospects, they are isolated and their environment is littered with plastic waste. But where we shine the light of education, everything changes. The school becomes the focal point of the village and children have a place where they can learn and play. A road connects the village with the world outside, and people learn to clean and protect their surroundings. A school is so much more than a building. It simply transforms the lives of everyone who enters inside."


We are very impressed with the ratio of girls to boys at UWS Pea School








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