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UWS Pea School.

08 June 2017

Here's an update from the United World Schools on our sponsored school - life is very differnet in Cambodia to what we know in the Western world...

"The monsoon in Cambodia has struck early this year, showering the country with heavy rains a month ahead of schedule. For many, the monsoon usually marks the start of the final weeks before the rice planting season gets underway. However, as the rain continues to fall, student attendance has begun to wane, and access to the school has become increasingly difficult. Children who would usually attend school every day are now needed to help their parents in the rice fields, and although this means the academic year will finish earlier than hoped, the arrival of the monsoon also means that families will be able to ensure they have enough food to feed themselves over the coming months. These rains are a blessing.

After his recent trip to Cambodia, our CEO Tim commented that over the last few months the quality of teaching across our schools has improved tremendously, with teachers introducing more teamwork and group work into their lessons. In the attached photos you will see the entrance to UWS Pea School, a group of girls sitting down for lunch with their brand new UWS bags, and boys reading in the school's recently replenished library."


Posted: 08/06/2017 12:03:51 by Nathan Boughey

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