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Nature's Table & United World Schools, together making a real difference.

We believe that every child has the right to an education. Nature's Table is therefore supporting the work of United World Schools, a charity that supports the marginalised and unreached children in post-conflict countries.

By supporting United World Schools, we give children who have been denied access to education the opportunity to read, write and count. Help us reach our target, to be updated on our website at www.natures-table.co.uk/UWS, which will enable United World Schools to build and run a new 'Nature's Table School', educating boys and girls from remote north-east Cambodia.

United World Schools (UWS)

UWS creates educational opportunity and an improved quality of life for children living in the world's poorest regions. UWS's global mission is to help reach the 77 million children of school age (44 million of which are girls) that the UN estimates still do not receive even the most basic education. With your help, UWS will provide an education to tens of thousands of unreached children over the coming years.

Working with indigenous people in remote north-east Cambodia, UWS has developed a community of schools where none previously existed. Currently educating over 3,000 children, the impact of educational opportunity makes a huge difference to their lives now, and in the future.

"UWS is reaching the unreached: giving opportunity to marginalised people who have never attended school or experienced the privilege of education"

Kath Samal
Provincial Office of Education,
Ratanakiri, Cambodia.
Be part of something special!

Help us build the Nature's Table School' and help give underprivileged boys and girls the privilege of an education by supporting our campaign.



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